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The Great America Show with Lou Dobbs

Nov 30, 2021

Diamond and Silk say Trump put America first while Biden puts illegals first.  Pastor Robert Jeffress predicts Right to Life will prevail in the Supreme Court. Guests:  Diamond & Silk and Pastor Robert Jeffress

Nov 24, 2021

Gordon Chang says President Xi shocks both Biden and Pentagon with hypersonic missiles. Hyper inflation expert Steve Hanke schools us all on runaway “Bidenflation” rate.

Guests: Gordon Chang and Steve Hanke

Nov 23, 2021

Victor Davis Hanson investigates President Biden’s profound damage to America in record time. The race for Governor in Georgia pits Trump populist Vernon Jones against the very RINOs who fouled up the 2020 state election.

Guests: Vernon Jones and Victor Davis Hanson

Nov 20, 2021

Does the first amendment permit public discussion of the 2020 presidential election? Is it “unwoke” to ask why the FBI works for only one political party?

Guests: Sean Davis and Tom Fitton

Nov 18, 2021

John Durham slow rolls Russia Gate conspirators and Communist China isn’t all it projects.

Guests: Kash Patel AND Gregory Copley