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The Great America Show with Lou Dobbs

Jan 31, 2022

Project Veritas founder O’Keefe on Left Wing National Media and establishment efforts to silence him.  His new book is “American Muckraker” on modern journalism.

Guest:  James O’Keefe

Jan 28, 2022

Seb Gorka says Biden ok’d a Russian invasion.  Diamond and Silk miss Trump and hope he runs in 2024.

Guests: Sebastian Gorka and Diamond and Silk

Jan 27, 2022

Dr. McCullough fights blind orthodoxies, offers advice if you catch the China Virus. AI expert Eli David uses big data for insights into pandemic, and says governments have made stupid mistakes. 

Guests: Dr.Peter McCullough and Eli David, PhD

Jan 26, 2022

Greatest President since Lincoln reminds us what America misses now. President Donald Trump tells the great Lou Dobbs what he thinks of Biden, Courts, Radical Dems and why he’ll be proved right about the 2020 Election.

Guest:  President Donald J. Trump

Jan 25, 2022

Dr. Robert Malone speaks truth on vaxing children, battling Big Pharma and how to fight and live with the virus.

Guest: Dr. Robert Malone